Cengiz Aktar

Human Rights

Turkey's visa ordeal and Europe's refugee deal

Although visa-free travel is the right of Turkish citizens, widespread Turcophobia in Europe might prevent it.

Human Rights

EU-Turkey: Is refugee issue a new membership criterion?

The sudden interest of both parties in each other is entirely due to the refugee crisis.


Turkey with Erdogan is heading to havoc

The president has become an anxious man trying to ensure his future at all costs.


Erdogan stumbles

Political progress may still occur and healing may start between the people and their government.


Towards the Federal Republic of Cyprus

The election of a pro-unification leader in Northern Cyprus may pave the way for the tiny island to finally be reunited.


Ankara's trigger button: Armenian 'genocide'

As the centenary of the mass killings nears, Turkish officials will lambast anyone who dares uses the 'G-word'.

War & Conflict

The truth about Operation Shah Euphrates

Turkey's military operation in Syria was an act of compulsion rather than free will.


Will Turkey pass the Charlie test?

The Charlie Hebdo controversy may put an end to whatever press freedom is left in Turkey.

Latin America

Is Erdogan rewriting history?

Rewriting history according to one's own religious beliefs is a highly controversial and perilous enterprise.


Turkey's clumsy politics and the Kurdish question

Inconsistent Turkish policies and fear of the birth of a Kurdish nation-state are bungling regional


Cyprus after 40 years of division

Turkey would benefit from a positive resolution of the situation in Cyprus.

Humanitarian crises

Is worker safety a luxury in Turkey?

Ordinary workers are paying the price for Turkey's 'Think Big' developmentalist motto.