Bill McKibben


Obama versus physics: Why climate change won't wait for the president

With climate change, we should act fairly soon in response to the timetable set by physics, argues author.


The planet wreckers

Climate-change deniers are on the ropes - but so is our planet.


The great carbon bubble

Telling the truth about climate change would require pulling away the biggest punchbowl in history, says Bill McKibben.

US & Canada

Buying Congress in 2012

It is time to stand up against the corporate takeover of American governmental institutions, says the author.


Global warming: an election issue after all?

For Obama, global warming could prove to be a surprise winner as a campaign issue.


Obama and the corruption of big oil

The US president's approach to environmentalism has disappointed his early supporters.


New pipeline to challenge Obama's promises

Obama finally has the opportunity to make good on his environmental promises, but will he?