Ayesha Kajee

War & Conflict

An attack on Ivory Coast was inevitable

Ivory Coast has been a target since it became France's regional base for countering terrorism in the Sahel.


Bashir and the double standard of international justice

The lack of political will within the AU is probably due to the fear of leaders' own skeletons being exposed.

War & Conflict

End 'third term-ism' in Africa

Burundians' call for leadership change may reflect a burgeoning 'African Spring'.

Human Rights

Leave or die: Choice facing immigrants to South Africa

Jacob Zuma's mealy-mouthed language and qualified statements have done little to curb the madness.


Will Buhari honour his promises?

This may well be the first Nigerian election where issues trump allegiances.


Muslims feel under siege in Kenya

Young Kenyan Muslims must be given alternatives beyond a life of relative deprivation or a false dre


Bashir's calculated diplomatic dance

Sudan's Bashir has been careful to travel only to countries that are not ICC members.


The game-changing election for Africa

The election in Mozambique exposed the divide between rich and poor thanks to a more connected society.