Awol K Allo

Awol K Allo is Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK.


The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

The struggle of the Oromo people has finally come to the attention of the global public conscience.

Human Rights

The 'Ethiopia rising' narrative and the Oromo protests

Oromos have been the victims of indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks in the hands of security forces.


Fifty years after Selma, whiteness still reigns supreme

Local initiatives ignore the framework that makes race problems possible in the first place: white supremacy.


Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi: Legacies, memories, histories

Distorted rhetoric and commemorative acts seek to obfuscate the true dictatorial legacy of Ethiopia'


Ethiopia: Where conscience is constantly on trial

In Ethiopia, Muslim leaders are facing an unjust trial for crimes they did not commit.


The politics of Mohammed Morsi's trial

The trial of the former Egyptian president is an attempt by the military to legitimise his ouster.


Ethiopia's 'jihadi' film and its boomerang effects

The film seeks to transform the "demands for freedom of religion" into a joint criminal enterprise with terror groups.