Avi Shlaim

Avi Shlaim is an emeritus professor of international relations at Oxford University and the author of The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Donald Trump and the death of the two-state solution

The demise of the two-state has been evident for some time.


Perfidious Albion and Israel-Palestine

British policy towards Palestine reveals a persistent pro-Israeli bias, from Lord Balfour to Theresa May.


Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in British politics

Anti-Zionism is deliberately conflated with anti-Semitism to suppress legitimate criticisms of Israeli policies.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Barack Obama, John Kerry, and the Palestine saga

Is there anything Obama can do to salvage his reputation in the remaining weeks of his lame-duck presidency?


Netanyahu, Herzog and the future of Israel

Obama has every reason to throw his weight behind the Zionist Union in the lead up to the elections.

War & Conflict

Lessons of the conflict in Gaza

Israel claims that its offensive on Gaza is a war on terror; in fact, it is an act of state terroris


The siege of Gaza

Violence in Gaza will persist until Israel is pressured to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories.


US: The dishonest broker

Despite high expectation for Barack Obama, the US president has not convinced Israel to cease settlement construction.