Arwa Aburawa


Murder and malady: El Salvador's sugarcane workers

Hit by an epidemic of gang violence and disease, sugarcane cutters have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Climate Change

Burkina Faso: Farmers going against the grain

Burkina Faso's farmers are turning away from industrial farming and embracing agro-ecological techniques.


Severe asthma sufferers get new treatment

A revolutionary new treatment is halving hospitalisation rates for severe asthma sufferers.


On the trail of sleeping sickness

New pharmaceuticals can help combat the deadly disease, but delivering it to the people in need remains an obstacle.


Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Could solving the water crisis in Israel and Palestine also help resolve the entrenched occupation and conflict?


Gulf conservation and corporate 'greenwash'

Environmentalists say that polluting corporations only fund Middle East conservation projects as a "greenwash" policy.