Arnab Neil Sengupta

Business & Economy

'Strong labour-market institutions vital to prosperity'

Guy Ryder, ILO director-general, outlines the challenge of ensuring decent work for all at a time of global uncertainty.


In uncertain time, ILO debates decent work for all

UN agency emphasises need for growth that is sustainable and job-rich, not just statistically impressive.

Business & Economy

The news media industry is going for broke

As publishers try to fix a broken business model, it isn't only journalists who are pining for the "good old days".

Arab Spring

The fallen leaves of the Arab Spring

High hopes of 2011 replaced by self-searching as Middle East and North Africa reel from conflicts' devastating effects.


Q&A: How will Modi change India?

Al Jazeera talks to senior Indian journalist Bharat Bhushan on the significance of the BJP's sweeping election victory.


Indian aspirations set for reality check

High expectations of change under new government belie the sheer scale of the challenges ahead.

US & Canada

Analysis: Souring of the Indian dream

Shrinking opportunities cast a shadow over country's indentured-labour source to IT powerhouse turnaround story.


Analysis: Syrian uprising's cautionary tale

Unintended consequences of the struggle to oust Bashar al-Assad could be a warning to other revolutionaries.


The arms pipeline to Syria

Weapons and fighters flow to the region's bloodiest battlefield, boding ill for a conflict badly in need of resolution.


Indian elites' rude awakening

Anti-corruption movement reflects rising middle class's dissatisfaction with messy democracy as usual.