Antoaneta Becker


China looks both ways on Iranian oil

As the West calls on China to join an oil embargo on Iran, the Asian giant continues to stick to the middle road.


China's cultural front against the West

President Hu Jintao says China and West engaging in cultural war, and the Chinese should increase cultural production.

Business & Economy

Not dollar, not euro, but gold

As the US dollar's value continues to drop, China looks to invest in gold for stability.

Business & Economy

Chinese buying, China losing

Newly rich Chinese go to Europe to buy luxury goods and property but Chinese officials want them to spend more at home.

Business & Economy

China's changing tone on African investment

In Libya alone, China had to repatriate 36,000 workers at a cost of $3bn, leading to scepticism about risky investments.


China takes back seat on IMF, for now

Historically, a European has led the international financial body, but emerging economies want that to change.


After Osama, China fears the next target

Although relieved with bin Laden's death, many Chinese are scared where Washington will focus its attention next.


China's rise worries neighbours

Territorial disputes between China and Japan leave some countries nervous, as Asian leaders meet in Vietnam.