Andrew Chappelle

Middle East

Qatar ‘sympathisers’ in Gulf threatened under cybercrimes laws

A land, air and sea blockade against Qatar has been accompanied by an online crackdown on freedom of speech throughout the Gulf, as people living in the region are warned against sympathising with the country.

Middle East

Trump in Riyadh: Controversy follows US president

President Trump is one of the world's most famous Twitter users - and that fact isn't being forgotten during his trip. In addition to his main address he'll also make a short speech at a social media conference in Riyadh.

Middle East

Hamas warns Israel over prisoner demands as online support grows

The armed wing of Hamas has given Israel an ultimatum to respond to hunger-striking prisoners' demands. Palestinians across the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem are echoing those demands with protests almost daily since the hunger strikes began.


Qatar retrospective exhibits Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi

Dia Azzawi's retrospective in Doha is a "manifesto" against events following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Qatar making progress fighting AIDS 'taboo'

While the Gulf has worked to improve treatment of people suffering from HIV/AIDS, critics say much more work is needed.


Inside Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp

Three Syrian entrepreneurs in a burgeoning refugee camp tell Al Jazeera about their lives and struggles.