Andrei Lankov

Kim Jong-un

What's on Kim Jong-un's mind?

Kim Jong-un's actions may seem 'irrational' on the surface, but he knows what he is doing and his policies are working.


Will there be a Korean war under Trump's presidency?

If Trump moves away from US' cautious policy towards North Korea, it might trigger a conflict on the Korean peninsula.

War & Conflict

A nuclear arms race in East Asia?

It is a place where most nations deeply distrust their neighbours, and where old-style nationalism still reigns supreme.


Average North Koreans will be hit hardest by sanctions

Miners, engineers and truck drivers will be the victims of the latest round of North Korea sanctions.


Now North Korea has nothing to lose

New UN resolution doesn't make the Korean Peninsula more secure and does not remove the nuclear threat.


Don't expect China to ice North Korea

Until recently, China was prepared to take a tougher stance on matters North Korean, but things have changed.


Kim Jong-un: What we know about the North Korean leader

Detonating the bomb is a reminder he does not appear to care much about what the international community thinks.


Foreign indirect investment in North Korea

The North Korean government has shown an unusually high level of interest in foreign investment in recent years.

Human Rights

Reunion of families is a glimmer of hope in Korea

The division, born of the pure military necessity, soon solidified by the beginning of the Cold War.


If China had to choose, it would be South Korea

North Korea is still technically China's ally, but Beijing prefers to trade with Seoul.


Another Korean war is not in the cards

The violent phase of the usual diplomatic ballet is already over.

Natural disasters

North Korea's worst ever drought will test new policies

Things seem to be more serious than the typical doomsday projections in North Korea this time.