Andrea Mammone

Andrea Mammone is a historian at Royal Holloway, University of London. His recent book "Transnational Neofascism in France and Italy" is published by Cambridge University Press.

He has written for the International Herald Tribune, The Independent, Foreign Affairs, and New Statesman.


Europe's nationalist international

Europe's far-right groups and ideologues have long been collaborating across national borders to further their agendas.


Welcome to the world of Europe's far-right

The dream of building the United States of Europe will become an obsolete memory of the past.


Brexit and the failure of the European Union project

Granting special powers back to member states essentially mean legitimising local nationalisms.


It is time to protect democracy and tolerance in Europe

The dramatic rise of the FN and similar anti-establishment right-wing parties should not be dismissed.

Humanitarian crises

Right-wing nationalism and scapegoating migrants

The belief in an immigration threat did not appear out of nowhere, nor was it popularised exclusively by the far right.


Italy's summertime for democracy

Italy's scandal-ridden and corrupt form of democracy should be raising alarms for Italians and the European Union.


A post-ideological phase? Monti, Italy, and Europe politics

Mario Monti may be able to build a pro-European liberal centre-right bloc in Italy, but he still has his flaws.

US & Canada

Culture and the making of Europeans in a time of austerity

European identity is neither a fixed concept "nor is it immune from the return of hatred among nations".


Politics, 'civil society' and Berlusconi's never-ending electoral campaign

Silvio Berlusconi will be probably remembered as one of the most controversial political figures of this age.


Berlusconi's comeback?

The 75-year-old former prime minister of Italy appears to be positioning himself for another shot at power.


The triumph of nationalism

How extremist and nationalist forces are growing across Europe in the face of financial crisis and growing xenophobia.


Corruption, scandals and Italy's other pressing priorities

What markets and Euro-politics got wrong: Austerity measures alone will not solve Italy's economic crisis.