Amira Howeidy


Middle East politics: End of an era

It feels like 1979 all over again, with Iran, under a new president, playing a central role.


Erekat "told Amr Moussa to behave"

PA is bluntly critical of many Arab states, particularly Egyptian efforts to broker a deal between Hamas and Fatah.


PA relinquished right of return

Palestinian negotiators are engaged in talks that they know have ceded almost every Palestinian right.


Egyptian opposition in crisis

Almost a month after their poor showing in legislative elections, Egyptian opposition parties are embroiled in coups, divisions and scathing self-criticism.


After Baghdad, is Cairo next?

US tanks begin to roll into the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and the city's Sixth of October bridge and the famous Nile corniche promenade are destroyed.


The rich and the Brotherhood

When Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak addresses parliament on 17 December, it will be the first time in Egypt's history that 20% of the MPs will belong to the officially outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.


Muslim Brotherhood flexes muscles

A senior figure in Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood organisation has argued against non-Muslims holding leadership positions in Egypt, including the presidency.


Intellectuals claim Egypt poll fraud

Egyptian intellectuals and public figures from across the political spectrum have warned the government against the repercussions of election fraud and violence on democracy in the country.


Egypt's Brotherhood takes centre stage

A massive banner displayed in a Cairo district proclaims the phrase "Islam is the Solution" above a small image of the Quran set between two crisscrossed medieval swords.


Bird flu: Egypt on alert, but not ready

Egypt, the Arab world's most populous country, has gone on high alert after a warning from the UN that the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain could hit North Africa and the Middle East.


Egypt awaits November vote

Egypt's first multi-candidate elections were hailed as historic, but observers say the defining moment for the nation's democracy could be the parliamentary elections in November.


Egypt election: High on scepticism

Kareem, a 22-year-old medical student in Cairo University has reasons to celebrate - Egypt’s first multi-candidate presidential election is over.