Amel Ahmed


The murky world of transnational surrogacy

Laws are unable to keep up with the profitable business of using poor women to carry children for more wealthy parents.


Force-feeding hunger-strikers in Guantanamo

Critics denounce halted videotaping of inmate force-feeding sessions and wheelchair bans for disabled detainees.


US children take climate change to court

An unprecedented legal campaign led by young Americans is playing out in courtrooms across the nation.

Humanitarian crises

Globalisation linked to rash of food scares

Recent recalls from firms in US and New Zealand highlight food industry's reliance on imports.


Yemen: Tensions rise after president's speech

Various factions make plans after the injured president makes a shaky televised address from Saudi Arabia.


Yemen's splintered opposition

Since Saleh's departure, rifts between Yemen's diverse community leaves organisers wondering what step to take next.


'Yemeni youth are guarding the revolution'

As disparate groups compete for influence in post-Saleh era, young protesters hold the balance of power.