Ali M Latifi

Ali M Latifi is an online journalist with Al Jazeera English based in Kabul. He has covered stories in Afghanistan, Greece, and Qatar. He reports on Afghanistan, migration and refugee issues.

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Human Rights

Refugee: The Afghan returnee's struggle back home

Like countless other Afghan returnees, Bibi Nekbakht, tries to build a new life in Kabul after fleeing Pakistan.


Afghanistan's voter registration nightmare

With only two weeks of registration left, people in Kabul stand hours in queues to get voter card.


Afghan poll candidates debate foreign policy

The three clear frontrunners debate their foreign relations policies a month out from Afghanistan's election.


To be yourself is all that you can do

An ex-pat rock band formed in Kabul markets itself as "Afghanistan rock band".


Wagging the dog in Afghanistan

A dog captured by the Taliban is bigger news than human suffering. How have Afghanistan's people become so amorphous?


Afghan couple's tale of Soviets and holy war

On the 25-year anniversary of Soviet forces' withdrawal, writer tells of his parents' choice not to return.


Afghan presidential hopefuls take to TV

The televised debate found candidates focusing on their definition of the Taliban and the Bilateral Security Agreement.


Taliban vow to disrupt Afghanistan elections

Group issues its harshest threat yet against anyone participating in April's presidential polls, calling them a "sham".


Afghan Vice President Qassim Fahim dies at 57

Marshal Mohammed Qassim Fahim, who suffered from diabetes, died of natural causes, authorities say.


Karzai's brother quits presidential race

Qayoum Karzai, older brother of Afghanistan's president, drops out to endorse Zalmai Rassoul in next month's poll.


The attack that burst the bubble

The attack on a Lebanese restaurant - a symbol of the "new Kabul" - was a wake-up call to Kabul's decision-makers.

US & Canada

Afghanistan's most prominent female candidate

Habiba Sarabi, running to be a second vice president, described her ticket as supporting 'moderation and rebuilding'.