Alexander Nekrassov


Turkey won't lose any sleep over Russia's harsh words

Downing of Russian plane may finally push members of the anti-ISIL coalition to better coordinate their operations.


Putin is back - but where's Obama?

Russians once again sleep in comfort with the knowledge that their leader is safe and sound.


The not-so-simple murder of Boris Nemtsov

Vladimir Putin had little reason to have Boris Nemtsov killed, let alone at the Kremlin's doorstep.


The ceasefire in East Ukraine won't last long

Only in the la la land of power politics can the fighting in Ukraine cease in a matter of days.


Dead man's tales

Why would the Kremlin seek to erase Alexander Litvinenko, a small-time former KGB man?

Syria's Civil War

Little hope for Moscow's Syrian talks

This round of Syrian talks may give 'people's diplomacy' a chance.


A Russian bank and French nationalism

No word on why the bank gave the loan to France's National Front party - but why shouldn't it?


Finally, a G20 summit worth writing about

Putin is not going to lose any sleep over what he heard in Brisbane from his western counterparts co


The staggering failure of US-trained foreign troops

Why the mainstream US media hasn't gone for the juicy bone that is the obvious corruption in the US military.

War & Conflict

Why the spooks keep getting it wrong

Is an over-reliance on electronic surveillance why intelligence-gathering is failing both the West a


West v Russia: Propaganda war rages on

Are the old mouthpieces of the Cold War going through a renaissance these days?

War & Conflict

Russia: We warned the Americans about Islamic State

Russian officials fear regional war may turn into a world war.