Aida Alami


Morocco's evolution from the 'years of lead' to today

Author Mahi Binebine speaks with Al Jazeera about how his new book helped him reconcile with his father's courtier past.


Morocco's Al-Hoceima protests reflect 'a heavy legacy'

Moroccans are demanding a thorough investigation over the death of fish vendor Mouhcine Fikri.


Morocco: Test time for Islamic PJD Party

Ruling party is vying for a second consecutive term in office after winning the 2011 vote for the first time.


Morocco: A two-speed country

Morocco's business community is profiting from "new" industries but they do not generate enough employment.

Middle East

Q&A: 'Algeria learned the lesson through bloodshed'

Algerian film director Salem Brahimi speaks with Al Jazeera about the Black Decade and Algerian politics.


Going green: Morocco bans use of plastic bags

As Morocco's ban on plastic bags comes into effect, green campaigners worry consumers will need time to change habits.

Arts & Culture

Q&A: Egypt's autocratic history through art

Filmmaker Jihan el-Tahri's latest documentary examines the political trajectory that made 2011 uprising inevitable.


Moroccan medical students decry working conditions

Striking medical students defeated a plan that required them to perform two years of civil service after graduating.


Q&A: The gender imbalance in Moroccan politics

Nabila Mounib, first woman to lead a major political party in Morocco, spoke with Al Jazeera about the challenges ahead.

Middle East

Sympathy for ISIL runs high in Jordan's restive Maan

The city, known for unrest, high poverty and unemployment, is also considered to be fertile ground for jihadi groups.


Morocco prepares for local elections amid boycott calls

Some say elected officials can do little to oppose the king, but nearly 63 percent of electorate has registered to vote.


Jordan's 'anti-terror' law cracks down on journalists

At least a dozen journalists and activists have been prosecuted under the law, criticised as "vaguely worded".