Agnes Poirier

Women's Rights

France's Marine Le Pen: The illusion of feminism

The far-right leader is using her gender to give the National Front a veneer of respectability and modernity.

Arts & Culture

As always, Cannes films reflect the times we live in

Intimacy meets politics at this year's film festival at Cannes.

Human Rights

How the Charlie Hebdo attack changed France

Most of France supports the limitations on their liberties in the fight against terrorism - for now.


The National Front's victory is a defeat for France

National Front's cunning rhetoric is working if French voters now trust Marine Le Pen to keep them safe from terror.

War & Conflict

The trouble with home-grown jihadists

Will France now treat Frenchmen ready to blow themselves up as traitors, or continue seeing them as lost children?

Arts & Culture

Death at Cannes

This year's Cannes showed us a world where redemption has become an old forgotten concept.

Arts & Culture

Cannes is 68 and ageing nicely

Cannes has always been a place where the greatest art meets the biggest market.

Arts & Culture

Paris: A city of heights?

You may be able to convince Londoners that a flashy new tower in the city is a good thing - but not

Human Rights

Aznavour: The last of the polyglot humanists

France's beloved balladeer, after 70 years of exporting nostalgia and Gallic charm, now advocates fo

Poverty & Development

Au revoir to France's culture of discretion

In seeking to settle accounts with her ex-lover, has Valerie Trierweiler also damaged French democra


Sarkozy: Victim of witch-hunt?

After Chirac and Strauss-Kahn, Sarkozy is the latest French politician embroiled in a scandal.

Arts & Culture

'Winter Sleep': A wake-up call for Turkey's Erdogan?

Turkish film bags Palme d'Or award and Ankara's congratulations. But was it a metaphor for the country's social malaise?