Afzal Ashraf


What success would look like in Fallujah

Shia militias must behave in a sensitive and empathetic way to the mostly Sunni civilians they liberate in Iraq.

War & Conflict

Without initiative, Paris attacks will change nothing

In politics, as in war, success belongs to those who can seize the initiative.

War & Conflict

Refugee crisis: Where are the Gulf countries?

The humanitarian crisis raises questions about the nature of politics and leadership in the Arab and Muslim world.

War & Conflict

Brutal truths about ISIL victories

Retreat in Ramadi should trigger a review of coalition's ISIL strategy.

War & Conflict

Will Jordan lead ISIL to the 'gates of hell'?

The Jordanian government must shift its stance on ISIL from containment to confrontation.

War & Conflict

Foreign fighters: Foreign to whom?

Fear of being considered inadequate pushes western governments to amplify the potential threat of foreign fighters.

War & Conflict

When the fighters come home

The threat posed to UK security by returning 'jihadists' is slimmer than official assessments sugges

US & Canada

The myth of the caliphate and the Islamic State

The most powerful weapon against extremism is the knowledge that Islamic empires were not sustained by armies alone.


Iraq prime minister's air power obsession

There is tragic irony when it comes to understanding the use of air power in quelling rebellions in Iraq.