Afyare Abdi Elmi


Ending famine in Somalia, the Turkish way

As Somalia faces yet another famine, donors should learn from the successful aid model Turkey employed in the country.

War & Conflict

US policies do more harm than good in Somalia

Substantive change in dealing with Somalia is long overdue.


Somalia: Spectre of political meltdown

Which political system can end Somalia's vicious cycle of political crises?


Somalia: Rescuing the process of transition

For a constitution to be created successfully, the process must be transparent, inclusive and thoroughly debated.

Humanitarian crises

Ending the famine in Somalia

The blame game should stop and the international community must address the situation before it gets too late.


Dual track policy in Somalia misses the point

The US approach to statebuilding has inadvertantly led to more clan divisions, but youth groups are pressing for unity.


Somalia: Manifestation of stealth trusteeship

Somalia is being run by many masters with irreconcilable agendas, but this exploitation must end if peace is to prevail.


Somalia: System of a down

Until deeper political and constitutional conflicts are settled, appointing new officials may well be a futile exercise.


Somalia dominates AU summit

But will interventionist rhetoric translate into a new approach to an old conflict?


Somaliland: A radical change?

A genuine debate must begin over the future of Somalia and Somaliland, Afyare Abdi Elmi says.


Somalia: A time for caution

If neighbouring countries intervene in Somalia they may be playing into al-Shabab's hands.


Somalia's corruption epidemic

The world's 'most corrupt country' should take a lesson from Liberia, says Somali scholar.