Adel Abdel Ghafar

Adel Abdel Ghafar is a visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center.

Business & Economy

Egypt's economic policy: See no evil, hear no evil

The pound's devaluation makes sense in the long term but there will be consequences for the poor and middle class.

War & Conflict

The lost generation: Children in conflict zones

The politicisation of humanitarian relief hinders the schooling of children in conflict zones.

Poverty & Development

The persistence of poverty in the Arab world

Countries currently in conflict pose the greatest challenge to poverty eradication efforts.


Football and politics in Egypt: An explosive mix

The football riot that led to the deaths of 74 youths in Port Said is indicative of the dire state of affairs in Egypt.

US & Canada

Khaled is Mina, Mina is Khaled

Powerful political forces in Egypt have used the 'sectarian card' to divide the people and shift the blame.