Abdullah Al-Arian

Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood and Trump's terror list

Outlawing the Brotherhood reflects a total failure to understand the historical complexities of the group's evolution.


The evolution of Islamists

Ideology does not tell us the full story of the evolution of Islamist movements.


Egypt's hollow parliament

The final step in the restoration of Egypt's authoritarian system of government appears to be complete.


Death sentence for freedom in Egypt

The regime seeks to take not only the lives of these defendants, but also the freedom to dissent of all its citizens.


The many trials of Mohamed Morsi

The laundry list of criminal charges facing Mohamed Morsi are meant to solidify Egypt's new authoritarianism.

US & Canada

Charlie Hebdo and western liberalism

Islam has been unfairly criticised and ridiculed in the west for centuries.

US & Canada

The informants: Manufacturing terror

The use of informants to target communities is one of the most alarming trends to have developed since 9/11.


Egypt and Palestine in the age of Sisi

Sisi's regime will continue to obstruct the Palestinian national movement.


Egypt's political theatre

Egypt's regime attempts to acquire legitimacy through elections.


Egypt: Dr. Frankenstein's constitution

Mansour's constitutional declaration shows the short-sighted nature of Egypt's recent "people's coup", says scholar.


Egypt's Democratic outlaws

It's deja vu for the Muslim Brotherhood and a failure of the democratic process for Egypt, writes scholar


King of the ashes in Egypt

The June 30 protests aim to effectively press the reset button on the mangled post-Mubarak transition, writes Al-Arian.