Aaron Stein

Aaron Stein is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East.

War & Conflict

The intentions of Syrian Kurds with self-administration

From the outset of the Syrian conflict, the PYD has pursued its own self-declared interests.

War & Conflict

The Syrian Civil War has become a perpetual conflict

Regardless of progress made towards the defeat of ISIL, the actors involved in Syria remain hostile to one another.

War & Conflict

The bell tolls for Turkey and the PKK

As the armed conflict deepens in Turkey, political leaders are burning political bridges needed to end the violence.

War & Conflict

The YPG: America's new best friend?

The YPG may seem to be good allies on paper, but if Syria's central regions are alienated it may cause more trouble.

War & Conflict

What Idlib takeover means for Turkey

Ankara welcomed the news of Assad's defeat in Idlib but it may have come with a price.


How Turkey misread the Kurds

Turkey appears to have overlooked the anger bubbling among its own Kurds towards its Syria policy.

War & Conflict

For Turkey, it's all about regime change in Syria

Ankara won't intervene in Kobane - or elsewhere in Syria - unless the anti-ISIL operation hits Assad


Iraq, ISIL and the region's choices

Even if ISIL is halted before it reaches Baghdad, it has left virtually every regional actor scrambling for a response.