December 29 marks one year since Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy and Peter Greste were imprisoned on false charges.
At least 295 rescued, but 183 more await evacuation from the ferry that caught fire off Greek island of Corfu.
Seoul and Tokyo to share intelligence via Washington on N Korea's missile and nuclear programmes as part of a new pact.
Desperate for arms and military training to fight ISIL, Sunni tribes were considering Iranian assistance as an option.
Al Jazeera spoke to psychologist Hasan Zeyada about the rise in mental health issues among Gazans since the summer war.
Amid government snooping, tiny Nordic nation hopes to brand itself as a safe haven for data privacy around the globe.
Jordanians are divided over the government's recent decision to end an eight-year moratorium on the death penalty.
Conflict in Yemen might turn into an all-out sectarian war, analysts warn.
Saeed Al Batati
Vandals smash electrical transformers to steal viscous fluid that's later sold as cooking oil for roadside stalls.
Threat of 'mass conversions' by Hindu far right groups causes fear among religious minorities in India.
Government soldiers on the front lines speak to Al Jazeera about war, peace and the precarious ceasefire.
Residents of impoverished Tebaria village say 15 kids were kidnapped and killed by organ traffickers the past year.
Nigel O'Connor
Empire28 Dec 2014 16:17 GMT
Empire examines the allure of Brand America as American soft power continues to be unrivalled anywhere in the world.
Head to Head26 Dec 2014 20:04 GMT
Mehdi Hasan challenges former Reagan economic adviser Arthur Laffer on whether slashing taxes helps rich and poor.
Seven months after its first Ebola case, the Turtle Islands have now become dependent on food aid.
Muslim fishing village was saved by a mangrove forest - and now efforts are under way to save it from developers.
Indonesian province bore the brunt of the tsunami, which left terrible death and destruction in its wake.
Snow is often less of a hazard during the festive period than poor visibility.
The threat of Boko Haram is growing in areas near Lake Chad with students afraid to attend school.
New application assists women by providing them with status updates on their pregnancy through text messages.
Moscow looks to its southern neighbour for business after relations with West soured over Ukraine crisis.
Continuing attacks in Nigeria by the armed group Boko Haram are affecting businesses in neighbouring Niger.
Researchers in the Netherlands say one kite can produce enough electricity to power 10 homes.
Charity group caring for many children left behind by imprisoned parents calls for more action against discrimination.
Local cooperatives mechanising production to match global demand for Morocco's Gold, prompting fear of job losses.
Questions remain as to whether ambitious plan set by world body to alleviate poverty has succeeded.
A look back at the stories that shaped our world.
Al Jazeera's guide to who's who among the top ranks of the Pakistani Taliban.
For the first time members of Kenya's counter-terrorism police admit to "eliminating" suspected Muslim radicals.
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