Egypt judge gives verdict in Mubarak trial
Deposed president and seven others accused of involvement in killing of hundreds of demonstrators during 2011 revolt.
No claim of responsibility yet as two explosions in northern city of Kano kill nearly 100 people and wound scores more.
Millions expected to cast their ballots in mayoral and council elections, as pro-China ruling party faces heavy losses.
Black Friday sales in New York, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco disrupted by activists angered by jury decision.
At least 20 Taliban fighters die in raid on former Camp Bastion in Helmand, the latest in a spate of deadly attacks.
Great white activity off famous Bondi Beach had beach-goers scrambling out of the water, but experts say don't panic.
At least 25,000 displaced people have gathered on the northern border, with more on the way trying to escape attacks.
Voters head to the ballots as parliamentary elections come to its final round as 34 seats remain to be contested.
Remnants of deadly demonstrations to be displayed in a new museum, a year after protests pushed president out of power.
Thai investigation into British tourist murders criticised as inadequate with some suggesting a cover-up.
An estimated 30,000 people, mostly Syrian war refugees, are expected to cross into Greece this year.
Farmers have suffered losses as high as 67 percent in crop production while valley became a no-go area for tourists.
Vice President Mujuru's committee ouster signals factional power-play as president's 91st birthday approaches.
Head to Head28 Nov 2014 18:41 GMT
Viviane Reding, the former vice president of the European Commission, on austerity, democratic deficit and Ukraine.
101 East28 Nov 2014 10:32 GMT
China's jade obsession drives a multi-billion dollar black market that fuels a drug-infested jade mining industry.
Festival where thousands of animals are slaughtered every five years is considered to be one of largest in the world.
A community lives with the constant threat of displacement and the demolition of its only school.
Peaceful demonstration quickly turned violent after a grand jury decision cleared white officer of killing black teen.
Paying the price: Tatars detained, interrogated, and harassed after Russia's annexation of Crimea.
Full extent of damage after rioting following Missouri grand jury decision becomes clearer, with many shops destroyed.
State-sponsored play traces late leader's journey from humble sweet seller to champion of Bolivarian revolution.
Armed group continue to govern Raqqa despite repeated air strikes by the US-led coalition and the Syrian regime.
Many have died and thousands left homeless after Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces manage to push back ISIL fighters.
President Pena Nieto proposes changes to police force following uproar over presumed massacre of 43 students.
Crackdown on corruption in China and fewer high-spending mainlanders means takings are down in the gambling hub.
Clock known as Big Ben and French poet Arthur Rimbaud's house just two of Aden's many buildings badly in need of repair.
China's jade obsession fuels multi-billion dollar black market, as officials linked to smuggling trade.
A photographic exploration of the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.
Who are the 27 candidates running for President?
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Compared to other diseases, Ebola is not especially contagious - but has a far higher fatality rate and no proven cure.

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