The US Senate and the Armenian genocide
Is a show of support by the US Senate helpful to the Armenians' cause?
A new report emphasises that climate change will affect us all, and fundamental changes are needed to avoid the worst.
Is 'hashtag activism' doing enough to stop bad speech about minority communities and affect social change?
Rising number of French nationals in Syria is more about teen angst than genuine religious convictions.
An empowerered Turkish society is now challenging the state's denialist paradigm on the tragic events of 1915.
By issuing ultimatums and then failing to follow up, Kiev has further emboldened the rabble-rousers.
Europe can no longer portray itself as a bastion of humanitarian values if it doesn't address the issue of migration.
What happened in Bentiu is one in a series of massacres stretching back decades into South Sudan's troubled history.
What is unfolding in Eastern Ukraine has all the makings of a classic Marxist drama.
Any process of justice must be aimed at establishing stability and reconciliation among the affected communities.
Is this an opportune moment for Eurasian powers to tackle the festering Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?
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