Diary of an Israeli war
A day in Gaza under Israeli attack.
How African women are discouraged from writing creative non-fiction and why it matters.
The use of informants to target communities is one of the most alarming trends to have developed since 9/11.
The BRICS' initiatives for a democratic global order should be welcomed, but the group is still dominated by China.
Marwan Bishara looks at the failure of leadership and the deeper causes for Israel's current military campaign in Gaza.
What is it like to live in Gaza under Israeli offensive?
What did #AJOpinion readers have to say this week?
Turkey would benefit from a positive resolution of the situation in Cyprus.
Hamas would have been damned if it accepted the Egypt-sponsored ceasefire and damned if it did not.
History is repeating itself in a tragedy of epic proportions.
Violence in Gaza will persist until Israel is pressured to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories.
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