Pakistan: The blood price of Faustian bargains
Pakistan's political and military elites have been closing their eyes to extremist violence for way too long.
Will North Korea change dramatically under the rule of Kim Jong-un?
After nearly 50 years of internal armed conflict, an international court's ruling offers Colombia a chance to heal.
Four reasons why Obama's Cuba announcement is good news.
There is a pervasive instutionalised culture of dehumanisation in the US that promotes the use of torture.
Plummeting oil prices and a sinking rouble reveal the real limits of Moscow's inflated ambitions.
It took Cubans a while to react to the news of renewed US-Cuba relations.
Tunisia might be making progress with elections, but internal political polarisation is reaching dangerous heights.
This is the testimony of 12-year-old Ali, survivor of the Peshawar massacre, as recorded by journalist Kiran Nazish.
Russia is already militarily securing the new economic opportunities that melting ice in the Arctic is uncovering.
A recent raid on media outlets and legislation changes point to intensifying securitisation of the Turkish state.
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