On chutzpah and war
What is Israel's greatest chutzpah?
The notion of 'cult behaviour' can explain the persistent cycle of violence in the Middle East.
Have Hezbollah and Iran clashed with the Syrian regime over their support for Gaza?
If Hamas wants a real victory, it should aim its rockets at the Israeli wall cutting off Gaza.
"Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians" - Nelson Mandela.
A destructive mindset among Israelis justifies violence against Palestinians.
The water crisis in Detroit is an American emergency.
What did #AJOpinion readers have to say this week?
It is imperative not to be numbed by the death toll numbers reported every day from Gaza.
The few choices the Israeli prime minister faces will undoubtedly cripple his political fortunes.
The use of Grad rockets in populated areas is a violation of the laws of war.
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