Canada's innocence
Ottawa attack will likely lead to little change.
The Libyan people were supposed to be enjoying 'true democracy' by now - what went wrong?
The rise of 3D printing could do for Africa what semiconductors did for Taiwan in the 1960s.
Why does the West assume a tweet can fix Africa's problems?
Former Costa Rican president challenges EU to think of the next generation, rather than the next election.
$7.6 billion later, Afghanistan's dependency on the opium trade continues to expand.
With free universal health care, Cuba has already racked up impressive medical achievements - why not take on the globe?
The Annapurna disaster exposes the gulf between the tourists and the locals.
How can companies operating in Africa contribute to long term social and economic returns for its people?
No seismic shift yet in the Catholic Church but when it comes, expect a tsunami of change.
Libya's rival factions are fighting to establish facts on the ground for future negotiations.
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