The grand failure of Israeli hasbara
Israeli attempts to shape the narrative of the Gaza war have failed in the face of global solidarity with Palestinians.
Is the US starting to resemble the Middle East?
The Indonesian Constitutional Court upholds election results, securing Jokowi's presidency.
Unconditional US support for the state of Israel has precluded a peace settlement and destabilised the Middle East.
The firing of Professor Steven Salaita highlights infringements on academic freedom in the US.
Palestinians may be encouraged to tell their 'human story' but they are seldom allowed to express their political views.
The UN claims that its Millennium Development Campaign has reduced poverty globally, an assertion that is far from true.
Soviet-style tactics of intimidation and harassment of pro-Ukraine activists and Tatars in Crimea continue.
Since 1948 Israel has drawn a long list of military aggression, human rights violations and war crimes.
The Australian government continues to ignore the plight of refugee children in detention centres.
Israel has failed to respond effectively to the rise of the BDS movement internationally.
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