Watergrabbing - A Story of Water

On World Water Day we look at how the inequitable distribution and control of water resources affects the lives of ordinary people living in Cambodia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Palestine

United States

China and US: face-to-face

The world’s largest two economies meet to discuss trade, security and North Korea’s growing nuclear missile threat.


Germany and USA: Face to face

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, leaders of major world powers, meet to discuss trade, refugees and global security.

United States

US budget to increase defence spending

US President Donald Trump's first budget shows big jump for defence spending and steep reductions for aid and health.


Brexit: What is Article 50?

It will begin the process of the UK leaving the EU, but what exactly is Article 50?


Persecution path: Following Myanmar's fleeing Rohingya

The exodus of nearly 100,000 Rohingya since October has brought their plight into the international spotlight.