Interactive: Timeline of Syria unrest
Click on the map to follow events province-by province and to learn more about Syria's uprising.
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It has been more than one year now that Syria has been in turmoil. What initially started out as protests for reforms has escalated into an armed uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s one-party rule, dragging the country into chaos. 

Parts of Syria today resemble a war zone. Few cities and towns have been left unscathed by the political upheaval as the opposition has increasingly turned to arms in its struggle to topple the regime.

As the government responds with a brutal security crackdown, province after province has risen up in revolt against Assad, whose family has ruled the country with an iron-grip for decades.

Buoyed by support that he evidently enjoys within some sections of Syrians, Assad has dug in his heels. But there has been no let-up in the opposition and the stand-off is increasingly taking on a more ominous tone.

Thousands of lives have already been lost in the violence and the death toll is rising daily.

Al Jazeera maps the events that shaped the current crisis: from the first protests in a nondescript town to attacks on protesters and military assaults on opposition strongholds that only hardened their resolve. The interactive also runs you through how Syria’s immediate neighbours and the global community are viewing the current situation.

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