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As uprisings turn to revolutions in the Middle East, Al Jazeera's New Media team releases this Twitter Dashboard.
Last Modified: 30 Mar 2011 09:12

As uprisings turn to revolutions in the Middle East, Al Jazeera's New Media team has released a Twitter Dashboard that illustrates what is being tweeted about and where.

The tool is split into four sections that track tweets on Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.

In the top right section you can see the total number of tweets for the day, together with the average number of tweets per a minute. When the average for a particular country shoots up, it means that something is happening to drive up tweets at that moment in time.

Top left: Here the the number of tweets for the day are graphed. Before each flag there is a colour code that explains the rest of the dashboard. The graph can be toggled by hour, day or week.

The bottom right shows the hashtag distribution for each country, with Libya in green clearly getting the most attention in the Twittersphere.

Bottom left: This is a Twitter stream of all tweets related to the four countries highlighted in this dashboard.

However, any tweets from or about these countries, that do not have the following keywords, will not be captured by this tool. Final list of keywords:

Egypt = egypt, egipto, mubarak, jan25
Libya = libia, lybia, kadafi, kaddafi, gadafi, gaddafi, qadafi, qaddafi
Yemen = yemen, aden, saleh
Bahrain = bahrain, bahrein, khalifa, jalifa
Syria = syria, assad, Assad, daraa, Daraa

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