Undernourishment levels have fallen in the past decade, but hunger in the Muslim world remains a major problem.
More than fifty years of an armed struggle for independence from Spain might be coming to an end in the Basque Country.
Meet the shady characters spying on American Muslims for the FBI.
Al Jazeera asked Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities if they believe Cyprus is likely to reunify in the near future.
Timeline: Major air disasters
#FreeAJStaff: 200 days in jail for journalism
Infographic: Route to the World Cup final
Interactive: #GazaUnderAttack
Indonesia elections: Tweeting to power
Infographic: The Berber struggle
Timeline: Attacks in Kenya since 1998
No end in sight: Boko Haram's bloody legacy
Infographic: Legal weed's consequences
Infographic: The spread of MERS
The dark side of the Italian tomato
Infographic: Explaining Libya’s election
Stories that mark World Refugee Day
Interactive: Syria's lifeline
Map: Rebels' path through Iraq
How well do you know your humanoids?
Brazuca: Story of the football
Interactive: Egypt's Lost Power
Explainer: Who can vote in Syria's elections?
Infographic: The business of smoking
Interactive: Politics of clothing in Thailand
Timeline: Ukraine's pro-Russian unrest
Interactive: Egypt votes for president
Infographic: Ukraine's 2014 presidential election
Infographic: Yemen, a fragile unity
Interactive: Islands row around China
Timeline: Three years after Libya's uprising
Interactive: Gaza, life under siege
Beyond the beach: Sri Lanka, 5 years on
Palestinian voices: Life since the Nakba
Freedom Denied: Palestinians decry detention
The war across the river
Interactive: Russia's foreign military bases
Freedom of the press: A price worth paying?
Infographic: Iraq's electoral system
Infographic: Iraqis displaced from Anbar
Timeline: Algeria's political evolution
India election coverage map

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Amid vote audit and horse-trading, politicians of all hues agree a compromise is needed to avoid political instability.
Part of the joint accord aimed at ending the political impasse establishes an independent National Election Commission.
Rights groups say the US prosecution of terrorism cases targets Muslims and are fraught with abuses.
Local painters forgo experimentation to cater to growing number of foreign buyers.
Cyprus is a tax haven and has long attracted wealthy Russians, but it could become a European energy hub.