Israel has detained an estimated 800,000 Palestinians in the occupied territories since 1967.
Ahead of April 17 elections, Al Jazeera examines the power struggles that have shaped Algeria's modern history.
Al Jazeera reporters travel across this South Asian country as it holds world's biggest polls spread across nine phases.
A review of the critical events that have marked the history of al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.
Timeline: How Rwanda's genocide unfolded
On the record: Journalism is not a crime
India's political parties and their symbols
Mapping Afghanistan's pre-election polling
Afghanistan Speaks: Survey Visualisations
Infographic: How India forms a government
Interactive: China's African spending spree
Interactive: The global education crisis
Infographic: F1 regulation changes for 2014
Timeline: Major air disasters
Interactive: Oscars celebrate world cinema
Interactive: Understanding Waziristan
Mapping Central African Republic's bloodshed
Nuclear security: The defence of weapons
Interactive: Radio through the years
Interactive: Olympic controversies
Interactive: Corruption in the EU
Interactive: Bangladesh's decade of strikes
Interactive: The fight for a Tuareg homeland
Timeline: Al Jazeera's challenges in Egypt
Egypt's tumult told by the art it inspired
Interactive timeline: Egypt in turmoil
Timeline: Arab Spring
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Tackling sexual violence through art
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Interactive timeline: 2013 in review
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Al Jazeera's top stories of the year
From the Arafat investigation, to giant moustaches and exotic wildlife trafficking, take an interactive tour of 2013.
Interactive: Syria's refugee children
Explore the main challenges faced by more than 1.1 million Syrian children as they try to build a new life outside home.
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A vocal minority in Ukraine's east wants to join Russia, and Kiev has so far been unable to put down the separatists.
Iran's government has shifted its take on 'brain drain' but is the change enough to reverse the flow?
Deadly attacks on anti-mining activists in the Philippines part of a global trend, according to new report.
Activists say 'Honor Diaries' documentary exploits gender-based violence to further an anti-Islamic agenda.
As Syria's civil war escalates along the Turkish border, many in Turkey are questioning the country's involvement.