US anti-racists counter hate

Thousands respond to right wing rallies planned in San Francisco and Berkeley, claiming victory as marches cancelled.

| | United States, Racism

The Bay Area mobilised thousands in response to right-wing rallies planned in San Francisco and Berkeley this weekend in California.

Plans by right-wing groups mostly fizzled out after facing growing opposition by local communities, who claimed victory against hate and white supremacy.

Saturday saw several marches from different locations across San Francisco, forcing the right-wing group Patriot Prayer to cancel its event at Crissy Field and change its plans repeatedly.

Across the bay in Berkeley, a city with both a historic reputation for civil rights battles and a recent spate of clashes between leftists and right-wing groups, thousands showed up the following day to a counter a "No To Marxism In America" event that was also called off by its organiser at the last minute.

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