Enjoying summer in Europe or keeping cool in South Asia

The pre-monsoon heat in South Asia may see many step indoors to cooler climes as Europe's summer starts with a punch.

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As the Southwest Monsoon arrives, temperatures in India and Pakistan approach dangerous levels and keeping cool is the order of the day.

This year, Ramadan falls during this period and healthy Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours.

Working hours are shortened, but even so this is a significant challenge with temperatures in the 40s celsius.

Meanwhile, the warmth of early summer is being enjoyed in northern Europe. Here the idea is to sunbathe, or swim.

However, pulses of warmth have pushed temperatures into the high 30s in Germany and Poland, to give just two examples.

Generally speaking, hot weather in Europe is a little too humid to be comfortable and at that point, keeping cool comes to the fore, especially in city centres.

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