Turkey's Diyarbakir struggles to rebuild

This bastion of Kurdish nationalism lies at the heart of the war between the state and separatist rebels.

| | Turkey, Middle East

Diyarbakir, one of the biggest cities in southeastern Turkey, has for decades been crucial to the ongoing conflict between the Turkish government and Kurdish fighters.

Located along the Tigris River, this bastion of Kurdish nationalism lies at the heart of the war between the state and separatist rebels from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Amid renewed fighting over the past two years, Sur, the oldest part of Diyarbakir, has been completely destroyed.

The historical centre of Diyarbakir remains devastated, and locals have no access. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled and the local economy has collapsed - but some Kurds still want to live in Diyarbakir, determined to rebuild.

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Exile in Diyarbakir


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