Tokyo sees first November snow in 54 years

Snow came as a shock for many residents, because just two days earlier the temperatures had reached a balmy 17C.

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The Japanese capital of Tokyo saw its first November snowfall in over half a century on Thursday.

The snow slowed rush hour trains as residents slogged to work wearing heavy coats and boots.

The snow was wet and heavy, and the ground temperature remained above freezing which kept the snow from settling in most places. However, it did accumulate on pavements and cars in Tokyo's far western suburbs.

The last time it snowed in central Tokyo in November was 1962, so snow at this time of year is clearly unusual.

The city does expect to see snow at least once a year, but it usually falls in January or February.

The snow came as a shock for many residents, because only two days earlier the temperatures had reached a balmy 17C.

Since then, the temperature had fallen steadily.

At midnight on Wednesday the temperature was still 16C, but the temperature dropped throughout the day and by 6am on Thursday, it had dropped to a chilly 3C.

As the temperature dropped, the rain that had begun falling on Wednesday afternoon, started to turn wintry.

Around dawn, it turned to sleet, then later it turned to snow.

Temperatures are now rising in the capital and no more snow is expected to fall…at least for now.

Additional reporting by Steff Gaulter.

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