Clowns gather in Mexico City for annual convention

The 21st Latin American convention comes amid reports of clown attacks that has brought bad name to professional clowns.

| | Arts & Culture, Latin America

Hundreds of clowns have donned their biggest shoes to join the 21st Latin American clown convention in Mexico City.

The convention has attracted participants from 14 countries around the region to take part in events such as make-up competitions and to learn extreme balloon twisting.

But there's a shadow hanging over their painted smiles this year: the trend of menacing clowns threatening the public around the US, Canada and the UK has now hit Mexico.

People dressed as sinister clowns have been spotted scaring the public in various spots around the country.

In retaliation, groups of clown hunters have cropped up on social media, sometimes writing aggressive threats to all clowns.

Al Jazeera caught up with the clowns to find out more.

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