Life in displacement: Making ends meet, far from home

From Iraq to Tanzania, Lebanon to the DRC, millions of refugees and displaced people get by on hopes of returning home.

| Poverty & Development, Refugee Crisis

More than 65 million people around the globe have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict and violence, the highest level since records began. 

People who have had to leave their lives behind and start afresh far from home often struggle to make a living and support their families. Many are living in refugee camps or within local communities, where opportunities for work are scarce. 

Yet behind the statistics lie powerful stories of survival and determination. People show remarkable courage and ability to keep going, in spite of the challenges they face - often learning new skills and taking up different jobs from those they had before. 

From Iraq to Tanzania, Lebanon to the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are millions of refugees - as well as people forced to flee within their own country - who are making ends meet while they wait to eventually return home. 

People fleeing conflict and persecution are at their most vulnerable, and are often met with hostility and discrimination in the places they seek refuge, but these stories are testament to their will to keep going. 

As one Burundian teacher-turned-tailor living in Tanzania explained: "People survive in different ways." 


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