Nakba: 'Palestinians will return to their stolen lands'

In the Gaza Strip, Palestinians marked Nakba Day with demonstrations and exhibits highlighting their plight.

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Palestinians throughout the besieged Gaza Strip marked Nakba Day on Sunday, with hundreds attending a commemorative ceremony and photographic exhibition highlighting the hardships faced by Palestinian refugees. Artists sang and performed the dabka, a traditional Palestinian dance.

"Israel has expelled me and my family from my village, al-Brare, and now I am in Gaza as a refugee ... All Palestinians have the right to return their lands, from which they were expelled by Israeli Zionist groups," Abd Alftah Abudaim, 90, told Al Jazeera. 

Six-year-old Tala Abusharikh expressed similar sentiments: "My grandmother always tells me about stories of life that occurred in her village that is now occupied by Israel. She made me enthusiastic to come back to our occupied village, confirming that all Palestinians will return to their stolen lands."

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Al-Nakba is not over

Palestinians continue to face ethnic cleansing and community decimation to this day.

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