Argentina's gauchos rock and roll at traditional rodeo

Cowboys lace up their boots for Jineteadas rodeo in Cordoba province's Jesus Maria, considered the sport's "World Cup".

Lagmi Chavez | | Arts & Culture, Argentina, Latin America, Sport

The Jineteadas rodeo is a colourful but dangerous tradition held in Argentina's rural areas, showcasing the best horsemen in the country.

Similar events are also held as part of the traditional gaucho (cowboy) culture in Paraguay, Uruguay, and southern parts of Chile.

The aim of the Jineteadas rodeo is for riders to stay on an untamed horse for a specified period of time, between six and 15 seconds.

While there is a push for professional recognition of the sport, many riders continue to dress and work as gauchos on farms.

In Argentina's Cordoba province, many riders prepare themselves for the rodeo in Jesus Maria, considered one of the country's biggest events of the year. 

They say it is the equivalent of their own "World Cup".


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