Venezuela opposition celebrates poll victory

Streets of Caracas erupt in shouts of joy, fireworks and car honks after opposition wins control of National Assembly.

| Politics, Elections, Venezuela, Latin America

Venezuela's opposition won control of the National Assembly by a landslide, trouncing the ruling party and altering the balance of power after almost 17 years of socialist rule.

The streets of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas broke out in shouts of joy, fireworks and car honks after National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena announced the partial results six hours after polls closed on Sunday.

In the plaza in wealthy eastern Caracas, which was the epicentre of last year's bloody anti-government protests, a small group of opponents, some of them sipping champagne, burned red shirts that are the obligatory revolutionary attire.

The opposition victory deals a serious setback to the socialist revolution started almost 17 years ago by the late Hugo Chavez, who until his death in 2013 had an almost magical hold on the political aspirations of Venezuela's long-excluded masses.

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