Yemeni refugees seek shelter in Djibouti

As Yemen's conflict grinds on, the refugee population at Djibouti's Markazi camp has quadrupled since late September.

Oualid Khelifi | | War & Conflict, Politics, Africa, Middle East, Yemen

Markazi refugee camp, Djibouti - As fighting intensifies in Yemen, over 120,000 people have fled since April. Around 30,000 of those have sought safety across the Gulf of Aden in Djibouti.

Since late September, the population of Markazi camp near the Djiboutian coastal town of Obock has quadrupled to more than 2,600 Yemeni refugees, including civilians who were wounded in the war and require medical treatment. 

Many refugees are women and children, who have arrived traumatised and in need of psychological support. As the camp expands, so too does the need to develop community centres and other facilities to help refugees heal and rebuild their lives - but humanitarian agencies say there is a dire lack of funding.


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