Journalism's human cost

Journalists continue to bear the consequences of bringing information to the public in an increasingly dangerous field.

| Human Rights, War & Conflict, Media, Press Freedoms

In the last decade alone, approximately 700 journalists have been killed while reporting. 

More recently, the world has seen the deliberate targeting of reporters within war and conflicts. Many journalists have been killed and tortured by violent groups, others have been silenced by governments and institutions. 

On November 2, the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, we remember those killed, those imprisoned and those who continue to risk all doing their job. 


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Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal: The Maoist dream

Nepal's bloody civil war ended in 2006 when a Comprehensive Peace Accord was signed between the Maoist rebels and the Nepali state in Kathmandu. Many people have disappeared or got killed during the war. Al Jazeera tells this story through the eyes of the Nepali people.

War & Conflict, Nepal, Asia