World's first 'Indigenous Olympics' held in Brazil

The event is billed as a chance for indigenous groups from as far as Ethiopia and Mongolia to test their mettle.

| Latin America, Sport, Brazil

Palmas, Brazil - Archers, wrestlers and runners from ethnic groups from around the world have descended on the Brazilian Amazon city of Palmas to take part in the world's first Indigenous Games.

The sporting event, which is bringing together athletes from more than 20 countries, officially opens on October 23 and will run until November 1.

Participants are competing in 10 sports, ranging from running and swimming, to wrestling and football, as well as more traditional games like spear throwing and racing with heavy logs.

This is the first year that Brazil has opened its annual indigenous games to foreigners, giving it the flavour of what some describe as a low-key version of next year's Summer Olympics, being staged in Rio de Janeiro.

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