Flying over Nubri Valley in Nepal

Aerial views of Nepal reveal the scale of the devastation and ongoing reconstruction efforts.

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Nubri Valley, Nepal -  Nubri Valley was hit by a devastating earthquake that affected millions of people throughout Nepal.

As one of the most isolated areas in the Himalayan region bordering Tibet, the Nubri Valley is nestled nearly 4,000 metres above sea level.

The earthquake destroyed the bridges providing access to the nearest city, Arughat. It is now only accessible by foot, a five-day walk through the valley. Nearly 80 percent of homes in the valley’s villages were either completely destroyed or damaged.

A government body was recently set up to oversee reconstruction in the aftermath of the earthquake, but the process was derailed last month when politicians, who have been focusing on passing Nepal's long-awaited constitution, failed to approve a law that would have kept it in operation. The more than $4bn pledged by development agencies and foreign governments during a donor conference in June have remained unspent to this day.

Rebuilding Nepal: The rubble must go

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