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Migrants still arriving in Calais with high hopes

Despite a strong police response, hardship and possible death, migrants arrive in Calais and hope to cross the Channel.

Celine Schmitt, Olivier Laban Mattei | | Human Rights, Humanitarian crises, Refugees, France, Mediterranean

Calais, France - An estimated 3,000 refugees and migrants live in Calais on the northern coast of France. Many of them are refugees who fled conflict, violence or persecution in Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria and need international protection.

They are part of the 225,000 people who arrived via the Mediterranean Sea and entered Europe so far this year, mainly through Greece or Italy.

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The situation in Calais has highlighted the need for greater responsibility and coordination between European countries and a robust implementation of the Common European Asylum System.

UNHCR has called upon EU member states to address the current gaps in asylum and reception, and increase efforts in measures such as relocation and other legal avenues for people to reach safety.

A collective and far-reaching European response is required, based on principles of humanity, access to protection, solidarity and responsibility-sharing, both within the EU but also with countries outside the EU.

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