Iranians take to Tehran streets to hail nuclear deal

Iranians poured onto the streets of capital Tehran after the Ramadan fast ended at sundown on Tuesday.

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Tehran, Iran - Iranians poured onto the streets of the capital Tehran, after the Ramadan fast ended at sundown on Tuesday to celebrate the historic nuclear deal agreed with world powers in Vienna.

Supporters of President Hassan Rouhani and his top negotiator, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, waved Iranian flags from their cars, while drivers honked their car horns.

At least three thousand people also gathered along Valiasr Street near the Tajrish district of northern Tehran, singing celebratory songs while dancing and flashing victory signs.  

With the signing of the agreement, people who attended the celebration said they are hopeful that the country's economy and the lives of ordinary citizens would improve. 

Once sanctions are lifted in the coming months, Tehran will gain access to $100-bn in frozen assets, while opening the country for trade.

On Wednesday, Rouhani hailed the agreement as a political victory for his country, saying the agreement meant that Iran would no longer be regarded as an international threat.

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