Batting for the 'Last Male Standing'

Kenya's Maasai Cricket Warriors play to raise awareness of the last surviving male northern rhino.

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Laikipia National Park, Kenya - The Maasai Cricket Warriors from Kenya were in action against the British Army Training Unit (BATUK) during a charity tournament aimed at raising awareness of the plight of endangered animals.

The semi-nomadic cattle herders from Kenya took part in the tournament called the "Last Male Standing" organised in the Laikipia National Park, Kenya - home of the last surviving male northern white rhino named "Sudan".

The rhino, whose horns have been removed to reduce the incentive for poachers, is guarded 24 hours a day by armed rangers. 

The Kenyan tribesmen use cricket to actively campaign against retrogressive traditional practises, including female genital mutilation, early childhood marriages and discrimination against women in Maasailand.

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