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Slave fishermen rescued in Indonesia

After a grim report unveiling the cruelty of the fishing operation, Indonesian authorities free trapped fishermen.

Syarina Hasibuan | | Human Rights, Asia Pacific, Indonesia, Cambodia

Benjina, IndonesiaMore than 300 fishermen were rescued by the Indonesian government from forced labour on the remote island of Benjina. The group of fishermen, mainly from Myanmar, were freed after an investigation into claims of human trafficking by the Associated Press news agency revealed their plight.

Pusaka Benjina Resources, one of the largest fishing firms in eastern Indonesia, stands accused of using forced labour and treating the men like slaves on more than 90 fishing boats. Fishermen described being beaten and forced to work without pay for 20 to 22-hour shifts. They were locked up in cells, lived in unsanitary conditions, provided with unclean drinking water and little food. They claimed many died at sea. 

The Indonesian government transported the fishermen to another island for their protection and said they were investigating.

Houdreds of enslaved fishemen rescued in Indonesia

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