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Afghan refugees stranded in freezing Serbian conditions

Afghan refugees fleeing their war-torn country wait in makeshift tents as they look for chance to cross into EU.

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Escaping continuing violence, many Afghans have fled their war-torn country looking for a better life in the EU.

Hundreds of refugees have ended up in the town of Subotica, northern Serbia, as they wait for human traffickers to smuggle them across the border into Hungary, an EU member state.

Once over the border, the refugees will have entered the Schengen zone, which allows EU citizens to cross into member countries without border checks - making the onward journey of the migrants much easier.

Hungarian authorities patrol the frontier region permanently to prevent migrants crossing into the EU.

On a daily basis, dozens of would-be immigrants are caught by border police and a voluntary organisation of civil guards in a narrow border region south of Szeged, 170km south of Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

With temperatures dropping to -20 degrees celcius during the winter, circumstances are becoming dire for the migrants as they wait in their makeshift tents and temporary shelters to cross the border.


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