In Pictures: Abu Ein laid to rest

Thousands join Palestinian minister's funeral in West Bank day after he was killed in clashes with Israeli troops.


Thousands of Palestinians have gathered in Ramallah for the funeral of Palestinian Authority (PA) minister Ziad Abu Ein.

Abu Ein was killed on Wednesday after he was confronted by Israeli forces during an olive tree planting event organised by popular resistance committees in the Ramallah village of Turmus Aya.

A post-mortem was carried out last night which Palestinian officials say prove that Abu Ein died because he was beaten by Israeli forces and inhaled large amounts of tear gas. Israel is disputing these claims.

The Palestinian Authority announced that it was cancelling all security coordination with Israel in the wake of the death.

Ziad Abu Ein was the head of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Commission in the Palestinian Territories and was regularly active in non-violent protests across the occupied West Bank.