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Bangkok's love shrine

Temple attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, all sexes and persuasions, all seeking one aspiration - love.

George Henton |

Bangkok, Thailand - Amid glittering luxury shopping malls and the constant ebb and flow of Bangkok's congested roads, a small white temple stands in the heart of Thailand's frantic capital.

Every day, a steady stream of worshippers comes to sit before the marble shrine and pray for the same elusive aspiration - love. 

The temple itself is not an escape from the city. Standing proudly in the midst of it all, it provides a constant reminder that despite the crowds, finding the right person is a universal endeavour.

On Thursday evenings, the steady stream turns into a torrent, with worshippers lining up shoulder to shoulder. The temple attracts people of all ages and backgrounds, all sexes and persuasions, but demands a similar routine from all.

They buy some roses, light some incense sticks, and recite a prayer written on a small piece of paper while gazing up at the gleaming temple and it's resident golden statue, Trimultari, the God of Love.

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