In Pictures: A place called home

Snapshots of lives on the periphery; stories of persistence, determination and a hope for something more.

| Poverty & Development

The United Nations predicts that in 50 years, one in three people will live in a slum. But what determines where you live and how does your environment shape your health, hopes, and prospects?

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In a special season of coverage, Al Jazeera travelled across the globe in search of snapshots and stories from the places people on the periphery call "home".

From the lagoons of Lagos, to the tropical forests of Thailand, and the red light districts of Kolkata; from the townships of Johannesburg, to the towering slums of Caracas, and the vanishing islands of the South Pacific; from the broken modernist monuments of Phnom Penh, to the squat settlements of Florence, we find stories of hardship, tragedy and loss.

But in the people who live there - who toil and persevere - we also find persistence, determination, and a hope for something more.

To read more about the people and places featured here, download the Al Jazeera Magazine issues Where I live, Part 1 and Where I live, Part 2 - available for free on iTunes and Android.

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